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This working area, inserted as a reserved area of the project website, is accessible to all project stakeholders: the referents of project (Flag, Nation, Cities) have already received their credentials and roles; all other stakeholders (restaurants, travel agencies, promoters, etc) can register to the platform and to participate in discussions.

The main functional areas of working area are the following:
1) DISCUSSION AREA: a section where to discuss all the topics that are relevant for the circuit;
– “General Threads” area devoted to general topics concerning the entire project circuit (legislation, promotions, partnership):
– “Threads Italy”: area devoted to a national thread; this section is  divided into 4 areas for each of the Flag participating in the circuit;
– “Threads other nations”: area devoted to discussion about each partner nation; there is a sub section intended for general discussions for each nation and a section for each member city.

2) SOCIAL AREA: section (accessible from the “Dashboard” menu) where you can connect with all other project subscribers to the platform; in this section you can get so updates on groups which you participate, manage invitation in events, publish activity status, manage friends, keep in touch with the other partners, etc.

3) AREA NEWS: section where are allocated all official communications by ItineraMED circuit to participating partners;

4) AREA EVENTS: Area where are stored all the events of circuit, in a physical location (conferences, meetings, etc) or not (webinair, trainings, consultations, etc.): the section you can book your participation at the event.

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