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The idea

The Mediterranean is a melting pot of populations, a region where history, society and natural environment all mix together. In particular, the food is one of the cultural elements that has helped to  maintain the uniqueness of this area : it has  evolved and combined over time, creating a variety of culinary traditions based on wheat, olives, grapes. In the Mediterranean basin, meals are not simply nourishment, but refer to many aspects of social and cultural life. According to this principle an ambitious project entitled "Mediterranean Routes of taste" has taken off . This project was born from the firm belief that discovering a territory is a process that must necessarily pass through the rediscovery of tastes and traditions of that region. Strengthened by this conviction, the GAC Torri and Traps of the coast of Trapani, in the sphere of the cluster of  Bio Mediterranean activities at Expo 2015,  have promoted and coordinated an idea that points to the enjoyment of wine and food coming from the territories taking part in the project.  In June 2015 the first agreement among the cluster of 11 bio Mediterranean partners from different countries, was  signed. Effectively, in July 2015, the constituent agreement between 6 of the  original 11 countries was signed. The 6 countries are:  Italy, Egypt, Serbia, Albania, Malta and Lebanon.


Aware of the fact  that the use of a territory cannot be separated from the discovery of its flavors, the project "routes of the Mediterranean taste" has the ambitious task of acting as an instrument of cooperation between all those territories that share together the desire to promote their tourist attractions in a single key reading: the tastes and the culinary traditions of their respective territories.

The mission of the project is therefore to enhance and promote the knowledge and the discovery of a territory, above all, through the use of its typical food and wine; an experience that therefore has the ambitious goal of creating and sharing a network of Mediterranean flavors, where each member of the project is promoted and enhanced in term of beauties of the territory and of delicious products and dishes that  its cuisine offers: a common meeting point that wants to introduce its territory to the  potential visitor, in a complete and satisfying experience.


The itineraries

Consultation activities directed towards the itinerary management agreement, are currently in development. The project partnership, should present the activities to be undertaken for the study. They will also create and valorize the tourist experiences in all of the single cities of each country participating. The aim is therefore to create a circuit that will accompany the visitor on a journey that we like to call "sensory" because each sense is stimulated and satisfied by the use of a church, of a concert, from a dish, smells of a local market. The aim is to create a circuit that regenerates  and evolves, incorporating new territories and providing the traveler with the tools necessary to fully enjoy this experience.

The visitor must be able to know which attractions to visit (monuments, churches, museums), what the characteristics of the local culinary tradition are, which festivals there are in the area, which accommodation they can choose from, which local companies they can visit (wineries, farms, etc), where to buy typical products, etc: all of this is to allow time to plan your travel experience and transform it from a virtual trip to an organized, complete real trip.

The final strategy is to promote not only the knowledge of the territory and the consumption of local culinary products, but also to foster the exchange of ideas, information, planning, mutual promotion between territories belonging to the network: the goal is to build the road to the streets that bring to the beautiful and the good.


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